How NewGel+ can help scar contracture after surgery and burns.

Date: 09-04-2024


Surgery is one of the main causes of scar contracture, especially when the surgery is on a joint. According to Dr. David A. Sherris, M.D. The avoidance of scar con­tractures starts with careful planning of the surgical in­cision. He explains, “Incisions that are placed parallel to relaxed skin tension lines or that may have irregular angles are more likely to heal in a satisfactory manner without func­tional or cosmetic problems.”


Burn scar contracture refers to the tightening of the skin after a second or third degree burn. As the affected area is healing, the surrounding skin pulls together, resulting in a contracture. Unfortunately, scar contracture after burn injuries is fairly common. A 2013 study found that 620 of the 1865 analyzed adult burn patients developed at least one joint contracture, which meant 33 percent of patients had dysfunction in their joints after burn injuries.


NewGel+ is specially formulated 100% medical grade silicone gel sheeting proven to reduce, flatten, fade and smooth scars – both old and new. It is self-adhesive and worn directly on the scar. Silicone sheeting improves scars by providing a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air), hydration, elevated skin temperature, and continuous light pressure.

Although silicone sheeting is considered the first choice for scar management, NewGel+ has many additional types of silicone-based products, such as strips, shapes, and two tube sizes of topical silicone gel. For instance, many patients prefer to use the NewGel+E topical silicone gel when sheeting would be inconvenient, hard to secure or unsightly.

Whether it’s scar contracture or any other type of scar, NewGel+ has the perfect scar treatment product for your patient.

Trust NewGel+ to soften, flatten, and fade your scar. 

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